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DocuSense® Medical Claims Processing

Medical Claims Clinical Context Analysis & Handwriting Recognition Solution

EDAC DocuSense Automated Medical Data Recognition & ExtractionDeveloped by EDAC Systems, DocuSense is designed to automate the processing of and data extraction from all paper medical records: structured forms, machine print, unstructured documents, and handwritten documents. This unique document scanning package offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution designed specifically for the processing of medical records requests from start to finish. Why enable only a portion of your important medical records? Give clinicians and stakeholders the full power of a comprehensive Electronic Medical/Health Record (EMR/EHR).

Current document imaging technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are able to access machine print content and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) can be applied to constrained hand print content. Significant clinical content, however, is in the form of unconstrained hand print or cursive handwriting. Traditional ICR accuracy for unconstrained or cursive handwritten text will not support robust key word search and manual transcription processes are very costly and time consuming to employ on a large scale.

A significant portion of handwritten clinical content will be inaccessible or costly to access unless healthcare organizations can implement an innovative approach for extracting certain types of handwritten clinical content and/or meta-tagging handwritten intensive documents to support efficient search capabilities. Important portions of EMRs/EHRs will not be readily available to stakeholders.

Lessons learned and tools from the War on Terrorism and Library Sciences have been employed to address the EHR handwritten content challenge. The challenge faced by law enforcement, intelligence analysts, and research historians is one of narrowing the scope of information processed. With DocuSense, you can leverage industry leading document scanning technology empowered with the tools that solve handwritten document challenges. You can confidently respond to recovery audit contractor (RAC) requests and reclaim scarce floor space.

The time of medical clinicians needs to be focused on relevant medical records documents and content.

DocuSense Benefits

  • Avoid Dual System Operations of Paper-Based & EHR: there is no need to accept a compromise on document accessibility by digitizing and efficiently identifying all medical documents
  • Capture, Separate, and Clinically Index Documents: eliminates printing costs and reduces batch preparation time; index data can be automatically extracted from all documents
  • Exception Highlighting: highlight terms with low confidence for quick and easy manual review
  • Scalable Solution: scalable for government agency enterprise implementations as well as small practices or clinics
  • Integrate Medical Coding & Interoperability
  • Exploit "War on Terrorism" Tools & Techniques

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