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The Future of Intelligent Document Capture, Today

Ephesoft Open Source Document Capture & Extraction: System DiagramIntelligent document capture has now made it into the Cloud. Ephesoft is an emerging force in Cloud computing, enabling advanced capture capabilities without expensive software investments. With Ephesoft, you can automate document capture, classification and extraction using an open source solution. The Ephesoft solution provides all of the tools that you need to move your documents into your enterprise content management (ECM) solution, regardless of whether it is email, scanned or faxed.

As a leading advanced capture solution provider, Twinstar can deliver Ephesoft to complement your document management solution. You can replace manual indexing activities with a robust, simple to deploy software solution. We have a deep understanding of how Ephesoft can drive further improvements to your ECM solution by automatically classifying and indexing your incoming documents. Incoming mail, supplier invoices and loan documents move through this technology quickly and efficiently, and are released to whatever back end system you have.

Finally, Ephesoft gives you choices. While the Cloud solution is very popular, it can be deployed on your network. Take a look at Twinstar and Ephesoft as your partners in deploying the next generation of advanced capture solutions.

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