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EDAC Military SolutionsMilitary departments have traditionally been mainly paper driven. As the military strives to become more agile and responsive to its core mission of protecting US interests, every resource spent on administrative activities is a resource taken away from critical missions. ECM solutions eliminate paper from administrative processes, enabling more tax dollars to be spent on ongoing military projects. It also improves accountability across purchasing, contracting and fulfillment processes.

With experience across a number of military agencies, EDAC understands the critical nature of these documents, and how to deploy technologies to lock down this sensitive information. Secure and automated workflow actions route documents for approval, eliminating printing and shipping costs. Paper documents are replaced with tightly secured electronic documents. With the US Navy and US Air Forces as clients, EDAC understands how to deploy solutions to meet these agency's unique needs. These experiences can be applied to other agencies where security is critical to the agency's operations.

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