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Fujitsu PaperStream IP

When performing OCR functions, image quality is critical. Unfortunately, the documents that drive these processes are less than perfect when entering a scanner. They could be different colors, they may have been folded, and sometimes even have watermarks or coffee cup rings on them. When scanned, they need to be rotated, so that the software can read the documents in the appropriate orientation. Included with every Fujitsu brand scanner, PaperStream IP provides image enhancement software to optimize image quality, ultimately improving OCR recognition rates.

EDAC is a leading Fujitsu scanner reseller, and can optimize your scanner image enhancement software to assure high OCR rates for critical documents. Combining our extensive experience with the complete Fujitsu scanner line, we can configure your PaperStream IP software to assure that scanned images can go directly into your back office processes. All operators will have to do is turn on the scanner and scan, simplifying their work, and making sure you have the best images for your document management system.

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