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Healthcare Claims

EDAC Healthcare SolutionsEDAC provides solutions that streamline healthcare document processing across the entire organization. For example, a health plan provider reduced their costs through process efficiency improvements. With over 5,800 subscribers, this customer was receiving over 420,000 letters per month, with over half of them hand written. Without this technology, each of these documents required a person to process the healthcare claim. With the EDAC solution in place, including handwriting recognition and OCR technologies, claim documents were captured electronically and processed by the software, enabling over $150k in savings through staff re-allocation. This produced a $150k+ savings which paid for the system in less than 10 months.

The technologies used to streamline this customer's claims processing activities can be applied to other traditionally paper driven processes. Benefits enrollment processes happen in less time and more accurately with an EDAC solution. EOB forms are electronically interpreted and stored for simple retrieval and reference. Medical Claims processing takes much less time since automatic document classification electronically routes all related documents through the system, reducing the time to complete a claim.

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