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IBM Case Manager (ICM)

IBM Case Manager (ICM) Case Management from EDAC SystemsICM provides a flexible framework, a cohesive approach and integrated tools for managing data, information, and cases. ICM offers a smarter, more integrated way for agencies and businesses to handle growing, increas­ingly complex caseloads in areas such as law enforcement; incident management; insurance claims management; fraud identification and resolution; and contract execution

Based on the Advanced Case Management approach from IBM, the offering would enable the user to extract more value out of their information regardless of the format or type of data. By automating the right processes, applying the right analyses and involving the right people, the Agency or Department can optimize case outcomes. As a concept, advanced case management:

  • Unites content, process and people
  • Delivers optimized case outcomes through analytics, rules, collaboration and social computing
  • Supports work management of structured and unstructured activities
  • Transmits trusted information to the case
  • Enables new levels of insight in decision making
  • Manages and governs the entire case lifecycle
  • Shortens time-to-value with better tools, out-of-the box widgets and templating capabilities

At the center of a case is the entity that initiated it - usually a customer or citizen - but it could be any business entity in any vertical industry. IBM Case Manager will support all of the interactions through a customer-centric focus to collaborate and solve specific business challenges. ICM supports all information sources to provide a 360-degree view of the case - while at the same time can be extended to support consistent, multi-channel output including correspondence, email, web, call center, text and others as customers demand.

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