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IBM Content Management Workflow Module

IBM FileNet Workflow Module from EDAC The IBM Content Management Workflow Module business process management and workflow software dovetails nicely with the IBM Content Manager solution. Classified as "active content," documents that drive workflow, ranging from supplier invoices to HR documents, initiate communication, security and user approval actions. The documents stored in IBM Content Manager become available as a part of the process, combining robust content management with integrated workflow. IBM Content Management Workflow Module capabilities are a critical tool when considering projects where the flow of paper impedes productivity.

As a leading IBM reseller, EDAC is well positioned as your partner when implementing new IBM Content Management Workflow Module projects. We possess extensive design and deployment experience in both public and private institutions. Working closely with our clients, we can configure the workflow capabilities to meet both your current business rules, with an eye for future enhancements. Coupled with extensive and secure document management capabilities,

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