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IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook

IBM i2 Analyst Notebook from EDACIBM i2 Analyst's Notebook offers a rich visual analysis environment designed to help analysts and their organizations turn large sets of disparate information into high-quality, actionable intelligence to help identify, predict and prevent criminal, terrorist and fraudulent activities. A flexible data acquisition approach allows analysts to more quickly collate both structured and unstructured information to help build a single, cohesive intelligence picture. The flexible data model and visualization environment coupled with a wide range of visual analysis tools help users build multiple views for detailed network, temporal, statistical, or geospatial analysis and reduce the time taken to identify key connections, networks, patterns and trends that may exist.

The results gained from this detailed analysis can be shared via intuitive and visual briefing charts or visualizations that can be included in end intelligence products. These can simplify the communication of sometimes complex information and ultimately help to drive more timely and accurate operational decision making. In summary, Analyst Notebook offers:

  • A comprehensive range of visualization and analytical tools enable the timely delivery of intelligence by quickly identifying connections, patterns and trends in complex data sets
  • Flexible data acquisition and data model allows rapid entry of information while supporting dynamic analytical thought processes
  • Identify connections, patterns and key intelligence that might otherwise be missed
  • Increase understanding of the structure, hierarchy and modus operandi of criminal and terrorist networks
  • Simplify the communication of complex data to support operational decision making

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