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IBM i2 Coplink

IBM i2 Coplink from EDACIBM i2 COPLINK can help law enforcement organizations solve crimes faster, keep officers safer and disrupt crime and terrorism by organizing and providing tactical, strategic and command-level access to vast quantities of seemingly unrelated data. COPLINK is designed to assist law enforcement agencies in identifying investigative leads. From officers in the field to commanders in the office, COPLINK can be an invaluable resource for law enforcement. By offering a wealth of consolidated and organized information, COPLINK helps safeguard officers and communities alike through the click of a mouse.

IBM i2 COPLINK Detect offers COPLINK's core capabilities, including a large COPLINK database that centralizes data from many sources. With COPLINK Detect, users can quickly search this database for suspects by leveraging advanced search features such as partial name, license plate and phonetic searches. In addition, users can generate single, six and nine-pack photo line ups, save search histories and organize investigations in case folders in order to more easily generate reports on their investigations. While COPLINK comes with the enhanced functionality of COPLINK Detect, it can be further enhanced through additional modules designed to address different agencies' specific needs.

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