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Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing from EDACAutomating manual invoice processing activities makes your organization more efficient, saving time and money. These solutions eliminate shipping documents between locations, simplify finding documents and even allow you to negotiate higher early pay terms by processing invoices faster. Invoices in a digital format enable the creation of self-service portals for both internal and external customers, eliminating the ongoing question, "where is my invoice?" Your staff spends less time shuffling paper and looking in filing cabinets, and more time analyzing your business. What would your staff do with an extra two hours per day?

EDAC delivers document management and workflow solutions that automate invoice processing. We apply the technologies that make sense for your organization. Whether your environment has one or multiple ERPs, requires one signature or twenty to approve an invoice, our technologies connect the documents and systems that drive your transactions. Invoices are processed faster with less effort. This enables you to grow your business without having to add administrative staff.

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