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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and Case Management Solutions from EDACManaging law enforcement documents is an extraordinarily complex process. Tracking evidence, police reports, forensics and court activities can be quite daunting. If any piece of information is missing or in question, a case can be thrown out of court, and a potential criminal is back on the streets. Having a tight and well controlled set of processes and policies translates into criminals going to jail and an efficient use of always shrinking resources.

IBM Case Manager (ICM) provides a very tight and well organized case management solution. Built on the IBM Filenet sofware, Case Manager not only simplifies case management workflow processes, it makes the information available through their preferred device, whether it's a computer or smart phone. As a web based application, it is simple to manage the hundreds of user touch points since it is accessible over standard browsers. With easy to read process maps, users can see the status of any given case, allowing officers and court officials to spend less time getting updates, and more time investigating events. Case Manager manages the entire case management process, from a citizen complaint to sending the criminal to jail, and everything in between.

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