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Medical Claims Processing

Medical Claims Processing from EDACProcessing a patient's medical record is a combination of doctor's handwritten notes, insurance claims and test results. Pulling this information off the page and making it digital streamlines information retrieval processes. Recovery audit contractor (RAC) requests take minutes instead of hours. Complete patient history is in one location instead of many, improving overall patient care. Floorspace that used to house filing cabinets can be used for patient rooms, expanding your revenue generating capability. Your costs of managing information drop dramatically, allowing you to see more patients during the day.

EDAC understands the complex technologies required to get to this state. Our solutions have been built around best practices solving the same issues for both "The War on Terror" and solutions delivered for Libraries. Complex, handwritten content is immediately tagged and read, unlocking previously unavailable content into the HER system. Our expertise begins at reading machine text and ends at unstructured handwritten information. We combine off-the-shelf technologies with our own custom capabilities that result in a simple, intuitive solution that solves complex data extraction issues.

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