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                       EDAC Systems Announces its latest version of its

 DocuSense® ReadSCRIPTTM,

 Advanced Handwriting Recognition Module for IBM® Datacap Taskmaster

 Designed to leverage industry-leading document scanning technology empowered with the tools that solve handwritten document challenges

Fredericksburg, VA – August 18, 2014 - EDAC Systems, Inc., a leading value-added reseller and integrator providing document imaging, content, records and case management solutions and services to both government and commercial clients, today announced the release of its newest version of its DocuSense ReadSCRIPTTM for use with IBM Datacap.  EDAC’s ReadSCRIPTTM is designed to automate the processing, recognition, classification, and index extraction from all paper and electronic files and records, which includes structured forms, unstructured documents, machine print, and handwritten documents. 

As a plug-in to IBM Datacap, EDAC’s ReadSCRIPTTM supplements IBM Datacap’s 5 recognition engines by using Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and Intelligent Phrase Recognition (IPR).  Powered by EDAC’s “Entity Probability Enhancement and Recognition Techniques” and Word Analysis in conjunction with Parascript’s® latest Intelligent Document Recognition Solution, EDAC’s ReadSCRIPT delivers unique features and functions that includes:

  • Single and Multi-Word Recognition and Extraction
  • Regular Expression Identification
  • Special Character Recognition
  • Expanded Entity Probability Enhancement and Recognition Techniques (EPERTs)
  • User Updatable EPERT databases
  • Word Spotting or Word Associations
  • Medical Claims CMS 1500 and 1450 forms support
  • Check 21 Recognition with CAR / LAR (optional)
  • Dynamic signature location, verification and matching (optional)

Stated Ann Blevins, CEO of EDAC, “This new release of our DocuSense enables users to more easily and accurately recognize and extract handwritten content.  With the addition of EDAC’s AHRM, users can reduce records search times, confidently respond to requests and reclaim scarce floor space.  We have also created some enhanced features in the DocuSense AHRM that allow medical claims support for forms 1500 and 1450, optional check 21 recognition and optional dynamic signature location.  All of these features were designed to allow IBM Datacap users additional flexibility when dealing with handwritten documents, ultimately saving these users time and money.”


About EDAC Systems, Inc.

For more than twenty years, EDAC has been recognized as an industry leading system integrator and software developer, providing innovative, cost effective, and reliable products and support to its government and commercial clients.  By combining EDAC expertise and products from OEM’s such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Kodak, Fujitsu, and other “Best of Business” product providers, EDAC has provided integrated solutions and support for applications such as:

•  Case Management

•  Content & Records Management

•  Intelligent Document Capture

•  Distributed & Mobile Capture

•  Document & Digital Asset Management

•  Evidence & Inventory Tracking

•  Correspondence Tracking

•  Business Process Mgmt. & Workflow

•  Personal Identity Information Protection

•  And Others



EDAC Products:    EDAC has also developed its own product suites to enhance and augment its OEM solutions.  In addition to DocuSense® Advanced Handwriting Recognition for IBM Datacap, EDAC has developed VeriDact® for Personal Identity Protection, Redaction and Correspondence Tracking, and DocuSense® Clinical Tagging for medical condition spotting, DocuSense® PurePAGE for image enhancement, and CaseFLOW, its Law Enforcement Investigative Case Management Solution. 


To learn more, visit www.edacsystems.com or call (888) 610-EDAC (3322).


Greg Blevins
EDAC Systems, Inc.
(888) 610-3322

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