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EDAC Systems, Inc. announces a new version of its Image Enhancement and Image Re-Sizing utility   


Fredericksburg, VA – September 2, 2015 -- EDAC Systems, Inc., a leading value-added reseller and integrator of document imaging, content, records and case management solutions and services to both government and commercial clients, today announced the release of a new version of PurePAGE®, its Image Re-sizing and Image Clean-up utility for IBM’s Datacap document capture platform.  EDAC PurePAGE processes and enhances the images whether from a paper scanner, microfilm or microfiche scanners or digital import.  Operating with bitonal, greyscale or color images, PurePAGE analyzes each image and performs image auto-deskew and auto-orientation; adjusts for brightness and contrast; and provides image clarity, de-speckling, and many other image clean-up functions.   As an integrated module within the IBM Datacap workflow, this new edition of PurePAGE® includes:

Image Resolution Detection – EDAC’s PurePAGE automatically detects the resolution of the incoming images in order to determine the magnification required to enhance the image.

Image Re-sizing – An operator can configure PurePAGE to increase the image size to 300 x 300 or whatever level that will yield accurate character and word recognition rates;

Increased Image Resolution – Upon detecting low resolution images, PurePAGE automatically will increase the resolution to a user selected 200 dpi or 300 dpi.  As an example, a fax typically is transmitted at 100 dpi image or less, which is a challenge for any recognition engine.  Furthermore, if this low resolution fax also contains handwritten index fields, the recognition rates will be extremely low.  By increasing the resolution of the image, PurePAGE enhances the ability of EDAC’s ReadSCRIPT ® product for handwriting recognition to accurately extract the fields correctly.

Character Smoothing & Filling – PurePAGE repairs and thickens incomplete characters, and smooths ragged edges on letters.


“During testing, we have seen PurePAGE improve indexing accuracy on low resolution scans and faxes by over 40%,” says Arthur Randles, Director of Integration Technologies at EDAC.  He adds, “When the low resolution images are handwritten, PurePAGE’s character smoothing and filing significantly improves the quality of the characters and the word recognition.”  An example is below:


About EDAC Systems, Inc.

For almost twenty-five years, EDAC has been recognized as an industry leading system integrator and software developer, providing innovative, cost effective, and reliable products and support to its government and commercial clients.  By combining EDAC expertise and products from OEM’s such as IBM, Fujitsu, Kodak Alaris, Oracle, and other “Best of Business” product providers, EDAC delivers integrated solutions and support for applications such as document capture, image processing, content and records management, and correspondence tracking.  In addition, EDAC developed other product offerings:  VeriDact® for Personal Identity, Personal Health, or Company Identity Information Protection and Redaction; VeriDact® Correspondence Tracking designed specifically for the processing of public or customer inquiries, requests, and other electronic notices from start to finish; ReadSCRIPT®, its Handwriting Recognition, Check Processing, and Signature Verification software module for IBM Datacap and PurePAGE® for image enhancement and image re-sizing, as discussed herein. 


To learn more, contact Greg Blevins, EDAC Systems, Inc., (888) 610-3322, gblevins@edacsystems.com or visit www.edacsystems.com.

IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines, Inc.  ReadSCRIPT, PurePAGE, and VeriDact are trademarks of EDAC Systems, Inc.

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