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EDAC Systems, Inc. Announces Integration of CaseFLOW, its Investigative Case Management Solution, with IBM i2’s Analyst Notebook Premium

end of year special pricing offered

Fredericksburg, VA – September 24, 2013 -- EDAC Systems, Inc., a leading value-added reseller and integrator providing document imaging, content, records and case management  solutions and services to both government and commercial clients, today announced the release of its direct interface from CaseFLOW, the company’s investigative case management solution, to IBM’s i2 Analyst Notebook.  EDAC’s CaseFLOW provides the data, case, and evidence input and management functions for the officer or investigator, and i2’s Analyst Notebook identifies the connections, patterns and key intelligence stored in CaseFLOW.  By utilizing CaseFLOW in conjunction with IBM’s i2 Analyst’s Notebook, law enforcement, investigative, and security agencies can “discover and deliver actionable intelligence to help identify, predict, and prevent criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities.” With Analyst Notebook, the user benefits from reduced time required to deliver actionable intelligence from disparate information sources.

Special Program Pricing

Based on the events throughout the country over the last few months and the release of its new version, EDAC would like to support the law enforcement and investigative communities by significantly reducing the pricing for CaseFLOW Standard to $275.00 per user between now and December 31, 2013.  This represents over a 70% discount.

About EDAC Systems, Inc.

For more than twenty years, EDAC has been recognized as an industry leading system integrator and software developer, providing innovative, cost effective, and reliable products and support to its government and commercial clients.  By combining EDAC expertise and products from OEM’s such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Kodak, Fujitsu, and other “Best of Business” product providers, EDAC has provided integrated solutions and support for applications such as:

  • Case Management
  • Document & Digital Asset Management
  • Correspondence Tracking
  • Personal Identity Information Protection
  • Distributed & Advanced Document Capture
  • Content & Records Management
  • Evidence & Inventory Tracking
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • And Others

EDAC Products: EDAC has also developed its own product suites to enhance and augment its OEM solutions.  In addition to CaseFLOW®, EDAC has developed VeriDact® for Personal Identity Protection, Redaction and Correspondence Tracking, and DocuSense® Clinical Tagging, DocuSense® PurePAGE for image enhancement, and DocuSense® Advanced handwriting Recognition for IBM Datacap.

To learn more, visit www.edacsystems.com or call (888) 610-EDAC (3322).


Greg Blevins
EDAC Systems, Inc.
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