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As a top reseller for many document imaging and content management partners, we've learned firsthand what clients needed in a software solution. We used this knowledge to develop our own line of software products. PurePage® is an image enhancement module to clean up and re-size images that can function as a stand-alone application, or be integrated into a capture workflow process. DocuSense® Suite software automatically recognizes and extracts data from all documents and forms, even those that are handwritten. VeriDact® software automates declassification and redaction for government agencies and commercial enterprises. ReadSCRIPT® is an advanced handwriting recognition module, to increase accuracy for handwritten documents.

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Image Enhancement

Extract and Process Data

Declassify & Redact

EDAC DocuSense Medical Data Recognition and Extraction Software
EDAC VeriDact Declassification and Redaction Software





Advanced Handwriting Recognition