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EDAC Systems knows exactly how best to service and support government agencies and commercial clients. Through a complete understanding of the a customer's priorities and procedures, and the role our offerings play in an effective imaging solution, we consistently provided top tier solutions and support for hundreds of users. Our design integrity and our dedication to customer service are reflected in the numerous awards received over the years, including:

  • Federal Reseller of the Year: Kodak (including Bell & Howell), Fujitsu and Kofax
  • Service Excellence Award: Kodak
  • Overall Reseller of the Year: Kodak, Fujitsu
  • Innovative Leadership Award: Fujitsu
  • Best of FOSE: Enterprise Systems Software, VeriDact, IBML ImageTrac Lite
  • Subcontractor of the Year: Orbital/Fairchild Space Co.
  • NASA Group Achievement Award
  • AIIM Award: Charles Town WVA implementation of CaseFLOW

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Best of FOSE Award