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BancTec Ultra High-Speed Document Scanners

BancTec's SDS, XDS and E-Series high-speed, high-capacity document scanners are proven to lower operating costs, accelerate turnaround, and eliminate downstream exceptions in the most demanding document imaging, document management and ECM environments, particularly for transactional and remittance processing.

Once you learn more about the performance and reliability of BancTec scanners, we think you'll agree that BancTec stands apart in high-speed document scanning and document imaging. To best meet the needs of users, BancTec offers two classes of its document scanners:

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The SDS is the ideal high-speed scanner for archive and other applications, with relatively straightforward or lower-volume, processing requirements—and is the most cost-effective. More...


The expandable XDS Class document scanners are designed for applications with moderate amounts of in-line processing and are available with one or two out-sort pockets. More...


The expandable E-Series Class document scanners are designed for check processing applications and are available with mutliple out-sort pockets. More...