Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 Fax Software

Dialogic® Brooktrout® SR140 Fax Software, a host-based Fax over IP (FoIP) engine, brings the power of industry-leading Dialogic® Brooktrout® fax hardware products to software-based solutions.

Using Brooktrout SR140 enables Dialogic’s partners to focus on increasing the value of their document management and business process automation solutions while maintaining regulatory compliance with directives such as HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley.

Key Features


T.38 IP fax protocol implementation encapsulates Dialogic® Brooktrout® T.30 fax data stream

Leverages 20 years of experience with the T.30 stack, which Dialogic enhances to maintain interoperability with new fax equipment and to enable a high degree of reliability and efficient fax processing

G.711 fax pass-through

Can support fax on an IP network when a gateway or IP network operator does not support T.38, broadening the range of possible installations

V.34 transmission speeds for both T.38 and G.711

Can process faxes at twice the speed of V.17 fax products, reducing long distance toll costs

T.38 Internet Aware Fax (IAF) over UDP


Supports ITU-T T.38 Recommendation defining a real-time method for sending faxes directly between two FoIP endpoints over an all-IP network, eliminating TDM, G.711, and modem derived speed limitations

SIP over TLS and SRTP fax security

Provides signaling and media encryption for secure fax communication; supports FIPS Object Module, which is required for JITC certification

API support for collection of network quality metrics

Useful in determining suitability of underlying fax transport, such as an IP network, for providing fax service

Voice play and record and DTMF detection and generation

Allows fax integration into IVR and call center systems for improved customer satisfaction

Server virtualization support

Enables the deployment of fax server applications on virtual machines with leading server virtualization software, which increases data center efficiency and provides failover for mission-critical fax applications