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Image Enhancement Utility

In order to maximize the accuracy of the OCR, ICR, OMR, and IWR technology, the image must be as clear and crisp as possible. PurePAGE is an early step in the Capture workflow, and its intention is to clean-up and resize the images whether from a paper scanner, microfilm or microfiche scanners, fax machines, email or digital import.

Operating with bitonal, greyscale or color images, PurePAGE analyzes each image and performs:

  • Image auto-deskew
  • Auto-orientation
  • Auto brightness and contrast
  • Image clarity
  • De-speckling
  • Auto-invert
  • Auto-trim and black border removal
  • Line removal
  • Rake removal
  • Hole punch removal
  • Dot removal
  • Inverted text detection and correction
  • Image Re-sizing (from 200dpi to 300dpi)

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