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Advanced Handwriting Recognition Module for Datacap

ReadSCRIPT is designed to automate the processing,
recognition, classification, and index extraction from all paper files and
records: structured forms, machine print, unstructured documents, and
handwritten documents. As a plug-in to the IBM Datacap workflow,
EDAC’s AHRM supplements IBM Datacap’s Optical Character
Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and its three
other recognition engines by using Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR)
and Intelligent Phrase Recognition (IPR).

ReadSCRIPT's Features & Functions include:

  • Single and Multi-Word Recognition and Extraction for multi-word fields or unstructured text;
  • Regular Expression Identification for recognizing patterns and format such as Dates, Telephone Numbers, SSN’s, and many others;
  • Expanded Entity Probability Reduction Techniques (EPRTs),which utilizes the IWR results and validates against the additional field specific EDAC-offered databases;
  • User updatable EPRTs databases allowing specific entries to be added by end user Subject Matter Experts or other permissible users;
  • Word Spotting for word associations, relating Form Comments or Description relationships;
  • New Medical Claims CMS 1500 and 1450 forms support, along with invoices;
  • Optional Integrated Check 21 Recognition including CAR / LAR;
  • Optional Dynamic signature location, verification and matching, which locates, classifies and / or verifies signatures against a reference signature database.


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