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As a leading reseller of IBM business solutions, EDAC has the skills and knowledge to assist your company in bettering it's internal efficiency. We possess extensive design and deployment experience in both public and private institutions. Working closely with our clients, we can configure the best setup to meet both your current business rules, with an eye for future enhancements.

With our solutions your organization can expect to increase process performance, reduce cycle times and improve productivity and decision making by addressing the creation, management, and optimization of case-based processes to improve business outcomes.

With our extensive experience with capture software and more, EDAC Systems can help implement and teach you how to use the program that best fits your needs at its optimum efficiency.

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IBM Datacap Capture

IBM FileNet

IBM Case Manager

IBM Datacap Capture Software from EDAC
IBM FileNet Software from EDAC
IBM Case Manager (ICM) from EDAC

Case & Content Analytics

i2 Analyst Notebook

i2 Coplink

IBM Case & Content Analytics from EDAC
IBM i2 Analyst Notebook from EDAC
IBM i2 Coplink from EDAC