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PrimeOCR is VMWare Ready

PrimeOCR is Input-Accel Certified


PrimeOCR Advanced Capture/Extraction Solutions from EDACToday's best OCR engines are only achieving, on average, 98% accuracy, when recognizing typical quality images. On a typical page of 2000 characters, that means that 40 errors remain in the OCR output. By using PrimeOCR, error rates can be reduced by 65-80%. This means that the 40 errors generated by today's OCR engines can be drastically reduced to 8 by using PrimeOCR.

The PrimeOCR Job Server provides flexibility and dependability to process a large array of OCR processing options and a level of reliability to process thousands of images without error. Each job defines the images to process, any pre/post OCR processing options required, and the type of output.

All Prime Recognition products are designed for easy installation, simple operation, reliable processing, and are scalable to match your OCR throughput requirements. Within minutes of installation, the PrimeOCR Job Server is generating high accuracy output. PrimeOCR's automatic engine recovery feature automatically senses when an engine fails and automatically re-initializes it for the next image. This level of software reliability eliminates downtime and mandatory manual intervention during OCR processing. Operating efficiencies are realized by implementing PrimeOCR into your imaging system.

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  • Options for deskew/image pre-processing such as auto-rotation
  • Options to auto-zone, manually zone, or full page OCR
  • Options to save image zones
  • Support for color and grayscale images
  • Priority management
  • Reduces errors by up to 65-80%
  • Reduces labor costs required for verification
  • More accurate flagging of suspicious characters
  • Automatic recovery ensures continuous processing and limits manual intervention
  • Scalable for growth or increased document capture
  • Template/Job Wizard makes it easy to set up processing files.