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Professional Services from EDACAssembling a document management solution requires more than an understanding of the technology. Successful implementations must fit the organization's culture in order to gain acceptance. Over time, organizations that deploy these solutions see dramatic and measurable process improvements. To achieve these results, your technology partner should understand how to best apply the technology to meet your immediate and future needs, based on their market experience. Just throwing technology at a problem does not automatically mean that the problem is solved. It takes an experienced team to design, deliver and support a document management solution.

With hundreds of implementations, EDAC has the experience to apply best practices to meet your process improvement objectives. Not only do we know HOW, but also more importantly, we help you discover WHY. Combining our discovery process with our extensive experience with both the software and hardware components enables us to recommend the right technology components to meet your needs. Once deployed, the solution will migrate over time to further improve your administrative processes. We will be with you each step of the way, providing you support as take advantage of these technologies. Most importantly, our solutions result in permanent cost reductions, saving you money both today and in the future.

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