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Training Services

EDAC offers a variety of training services for end-users of our integrated solutions. Primarily, training is conducted at the client's site under actual operating conditions. The company feels that this provides the end-users with configuration and utilization expertise within their environment, as opposed to formal classroom training of theory and generic application of the software and hardware product. These end-users get to do hands-on development and implementation of the solution the client has procured such that when training is completed, they are able to "hit the ground running." Our training staff consists of engineers and technicians who actually utilize the products and have integrated them into a wide variety of environments.

EDAC offers training options for every software and hardware product that it sells, including:

Software Training

Hardware Training

  • Scanner familiarity and preventative maintenance
  • Scan station and workstation setup and configuration
  • Server set-up, configuration and operation


  • On-site Training
  • Off-site Training / Lab Instruction
  • Solution Workshop

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